Assemble your Phoenix Gravity Water Filter System

Phoenix Gravity Water Filters

Assemble your Phoenix Gravity Water Filter

Assembly Instructions:
Remove the two Phoenix Carbon Filter purification cartridges from their packaging, checking against the parts (5), (10), and (11) for each filter cartridge. Cleanliness is important. Wash hands before proceeding to make sure that the water in the lower chamber does not get contaminated during assembly.
To remove the old cartridges:

Wearing rubber gloves, hold the black nut (11) in one hand and unscrew the cartridge (5) anticlockwise with your other hand. Remove the cartridge, wing nut and washers (10). To fix your new cartridges, place the black washer (10) over the threaded nozzle of the cartridge (5). Place the cartridge (5) into the hole in the base of the upper chamber (4). Secure cartridge in the chamber base by screwing on the black wing nut (11) onto the threaded mount. Hand tighten only. Repeat procedure until all cartridges have been installed.

If you are installing more cartridges to your Phoenix Gravity system in addition to your existing ones, pop open the additional filtration ports that are blocked with the silicon hole blockers (12). Discard the initial 8 or 12 litres of water purified by the cartridges. Purification elements may take up to 5 minutes to begin filtering. Maximum flow rate will be achieved after the initial 24 hours of use as the cartridges become fully wetted.