How To Test My Phoenix Carbon Cartridges

Phoenix Gravity Water Filters

How To Test My Phoenix Carbon Cartridges

Step by Step to Do it Yourself

1. Assemble the 304 Stainless steel filter set with the Given Activated carbon filter cartridges as shown in the Assembly instruction.

2. Add any food coloring agents (10 drops) or Turmeric powder 1 Table spoon (15 grams) in 8 lts water in a mixing container and Stir well.

3. The resulted color from the mix is yellow if you use Turmeric powder Now pour the mixture into the Top chamber of the of 304 Stainless steel water filter which already have the carbon cartridges fixed.

4. Automatically the colored water will pass through the carbon candle and get filtered and the resulting clear water will be collected in the bottom chamber.

5. Collect the resulted clear water and pour it in a Glass bottle and see the clarity.

6. If the color, taste and odor of the turmeric has been removed from the filtered water, your filter cartridges are performing satisfactorily. Else, your cartridges require to be  replaced.