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Is Bottled Water Good or Bad? Here are 10 Reasons to Avoid it.

Is Bottled Water Good or Bad? Here are 10 Reasons to Avoid it.

How many of you drink bottled water every day? If you think that bottled water is good just because they market it as purified water better than your tap water, you might be gravely wrong here. The question ‘Is bottled water good or bad?’ is a common question that we ask ourselves from time to time, however, we disregard it as a trivial question. As humanity today deals with pollution, deadly pandemic, climate change, water scarcity, drought, and many other pressing issues, we need to understand the importance of water and our health. 

So, is bottled water good or bad? Take a look at these 10 reasons why we should avoid bottled water.

1. Bottled Water Comes in a Plastic

This should be the first thing that must come to your mind when you’re asking whether bottled water is good or bad. Plastic bottles can leach harmful chemicals into the water if exposed to heat. They can cause serious damage to your health. 

2. Bottled Water is Better than Tap Water

Many people believe that bottled water is cleaner than other water, but in fact, bottled water is neither cleaner nor safer than your usual tap water.  

3. Bottled Water Takes More Energy

An alarming fact concerning bottled water is that it uses up to 2000 times the energy cost of tap water. This energy usage can be avoided if we just use filtered tap water in our home. 

4. Bottled Water is not Good for the Environment

Plastic water bottles pollute our planet. If you think that bottled water is good and not bad because it can be recycled, you might want to see the bigger picture here. Even recyclable bottles are extremely slow to biodegrade and they contaminate our watersheds and soil. 

5. You’re Wasting Money on Bottled Water

Still not sure whether bottled water is good or bad? An average person in the UK spends £25,000 on bottled water. By saving the money you spend on bottled water each year, you can actually go on a leisure vacation to a foreign country. 

6. They are Nothing But Tap Water

Believe it or not, most bottled water packs you buy are nothing more than filtered tap water. So, why buy filtered tap water in a plastics bottle when you can filter it in your home easily? 

7. Bottled Water is Still High on Carbon Emissions

Plastic water bottles are resource-intensive to manufacture. It needs to be processed, manufactured, filled, and shipped around the globe for consumption. This comes with a hefty carbon footprint. 

8. Bottled Water Companies Waste Water

If you’re still asking yourself whether bottled water is good or bad, hear this out. Believe it or not, to make one liter of bottled water, companies use nearly 1.4 liters of water. They waste nearly half a liter of water to pack one litre of water. 

9. Bottled Water Might Still be Contaminated

The traces of harmful contaminants such as mold, arsenic, and even E. coli bacteria have been found in bottled water over the years. So, you can’t be 100% sure that the bottled water is safe to drink. 

10.Bottled Water Affects People Near Water Sources

This might just seal the deal for your burning question, ‘whether bottled water is good or bad?’. Many water bottle companies take their water from a nearby water source that is the only source of water for the population living near it. This threatens their access to clean and free water.

So, the ultimate answer to the question ‘Is bottled water good or bad’ is that bottled water is bad for both your health and the environment. If you have read all these points on the ill-effects of using bottled water and feel a little duped by the marketing strategies of bottled water companies, it is not too late to make the right changes. Avoid bottled water by switching to a gravity water filter. Lead a healthy life by changing your drinking water habits with the Phoenix gravity water filter. You can just connect it with your tap and gravity takes care of the rest. You can drink clean and pure water in your home. Contact us now and shield your family’s health with the Phoenix gravity water filter.