Prime the Cartridge's Before Use Water Filters

Phoenix Gravity Water Filters

Prime the Cartridge's Before Use

Cleaning and Priming instructions:


As you keep using the cartridges their filtration rate may reduce if their pores are clogged, or if they dry out. Remove the cartridges in the manner described above. Take care to ensure that water does not spill into the lower chamber. Scrub each candle under running tap water using a soft brush or mild abrasive (Scotch Brite or similar). Always brush away from threaded mount, taking care not to contaminate the mount. Never use soap or detergents. This will need to be done when the surface of the cartridges has become dirty and the filtration rate has become awfully slow and inconvenient. This can be anywhere between 6 months to a week depending on the input water. If you still do not get the desired filtration rate, you may need to prime the cartridges. This can be done by forcing water from a faucet through the nozzle of the cartridge as below:

1. Remove the cartridge from system

2. Remove the two washers and the wingnut as well

3. Now, screw the wingnut with its broad face pointing out, and place a washer over it.

4. Press the cartridge’s nozzle with the washer firmly against a faucet with water running. You will see the cartridge’s surface sweat beads water. This will allow the cartridge to become fully wetted, and force out any sediments or particles that are blocking the pores of the cartridge. Do this for a few minutes.

5. Assemble the cartridge back in the upper chamber. 6. Do this for every cartridge that needs priming.