Global Leader in Gravity Stainless Steel Water Filter since 1985.

Phoenix Gravity Water Filters

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Who is Phoenix?

We are a group of people who are passionate about water. We started in 1972 with a common goal of making water. We are global leader in Gravity Stainless Steel Water Filter since 1985.




We know that there are many other water filter companies out there but do they meet these three baseline standards for truly safe water? We know we do. With our state-of-the-art, scientifically proven gravity filters that scrub water clean of most tap water contaminants. 

Our Vision

Globally over $200 billion are spent on bottled water every year. This is because tap water, though drinkable, is not completely free of contaminants. Plus, the salinity, taste, and smell of tap water are all factors that can make you opt for bottled water. Our vision is to keep homes around the world hydrated and protected with cutting-edge water filtration technologies that will give perfectly safe, drinkable tap water.

Our Core Values

So why exactly should you choose us?

Phoenix keeps you and your family safe with tried and tested water filtration and purification systems. . We have made it our mission to deliver pure, high quality terrific tasting water straight to your home.
Each person on our team has the same set of core values which revolve around environmentally friendly, safe, and pure water consumption. 

They are

Health Conscious

Making water free of 99% of toxins to ensure health

Community Conscious

Making clean water accessible to everyone

Environment Conscious

Water filters that reduce plastic usage

Quality Conscious

Rigorous lab testing for the highest quality filters

Health Conscious

Water plays a big role in your health.

Several factors affect the quality of your water, such as salinity, industrial activities, and their treatment with chemicals prior to distribution, among others.

Phoenix water filters remove more than 99.99% bacteria and 99% of viruses and other toxins to give you sparkling clean water.

We want the best possible for our families’ health. And yours too.

Community Conscious

We believe a healthy community is at the heart of a happy life. Our vision extends beyond urban families.

Phoenix water filters are highly valuable to remote and indigenous communities that face electricity challenges and have no access to clean drinking water.

Our portable filters are made of 304 grade steel making them durable and usable throughout the life.

Environment Conscious

It is estimated that every year about 13 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the ocean – the equivalent of one full rubbish collection lorry every minute.

Plastic also produces harmful chemicals which are absorbed by soil, which in turn affects the quality of water.

Fill your reusable bottles with pure drinking water from our countertop water filters

Why not keep both the environment and your family healthy?

Quality Conscious

Our values are based on our personal, family-held beliefs. That includes a deep awareness about quality.

Phoenix water filters undergo rigorous lab testing to meet the strictest quality and safety standards.

Top quality means the least contaminants. And the highest protection for your family.

We work in an eco-friendly environment

We take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and we use clean, safe, green energy- Solar energy for all our production needs. It doesn’t harm the environment in any way as no chemicals or greenhouse gases are released into the air. With this, we, at Phoneix Water Filters are doing our part to fight climate change and creating a sustainable energy future.

We believe change begins at home