ECO Gravity Water Filter - Water Filter with Cartridges, Tap

Phoenix Gravity Water Filters

Phoenix Gravity ECO 8 Litre Gravity Fed Stainless Steel Drinking Water Filter and Purifier with 2 Phoenix Carbon Water Filter Cartridges, Stainless Steel Tap


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Save over a thousand pounds each year from bottled water. Keep your family safe from Lead, Chlorine, and other contaminants in your drinking water.

This aesthetic product is made of high-grade stainless steel, Join us in reducing the usage of plastic and promoting the use of durable, reusable, and recyclable products.

From the global leader in stainless steel gravity water filters. Made in India, with love. This product includes two Pheonix Gravity black carbon cartridges and a 304 Grade Stainless steel drip-free tap.

Important Notice Post assembly of filter unit with 2 or 4 candles as purchased, please fill the upper chamber water and wait for the complete water to filter through the new candles.

Please dump the first round of filtered water. Please Note: If the water is not flowing from the upper chamber to the lower chamber, please ensure that you have placed Airlock clips as instructed in the instruction manual.

Please Note:- Our Phoenix Carbon Candles won't remove fluoride, However, our filters are compatible with PF-4 type fluoride cartridges.

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