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The Phoenix Carbon Filter cartridges are made with highest quality media, made from the finest coconut-shell-based activated carbon. The Phoenix Carbon Filter, impregnated with silver, is so powerful that particles even less than 0.5 microns in size are trapped in its extensive pore structure. Lab test results show that they remove: 

Lead > 98%
Chlorine > 98%

Capacity per pair - 20,000 litres
Cost per litre - 0.5 cents

Works with most other stainless steel gravity filter housings

The Phoenix Carbon Filter cartridges work with the gravity water filter housings from most competing brands

For you, from nature

The Phoenix Carbon Filter is made from high quality coconut-shell-based activated carbon, removing only the harmful impurities and contaminants. You yourself are from nature. So, what is more natural than drinking from it?

Up to 8 Litres per hour

A pair of Phoenix Carbon FIlter cartridges produce up to 8 litres of drinking water in an hour. You can also double the filtration rate by adding another pair to your Phoenix Gravity system to produce 8 litres of great-tasting water in less than 30 minutes

Impregnated with silver

Why? Because stopping the bugs from entering your water is only the first part of the job. Stopping any from growing inside the filter is equally important. This leaves  your filter with a virtually unlimited shelf life, so you can use your filter for years.

What they remove or significantly reduce:

  • Lead > 99.9%
  • Chlorine > 99.9%
  • E.Coli > 99.999%
  • Viruses > 99.9%
  • Volatile Organic Compounds > 98%
  • Pesticides > 98%
  • Cysts > 99.9%
  • Bad Odors and Bad Tastes

A Lifespan of 20,000 litres per pair

A pair of your Phoenix Carbon Filter cartridges can be used to filter about 20,000 litres on average before they need to be replaced. Considering a family of four, with a usage of about 40 litres of purified water per day for drinking and cooking, your cartridges will easily last 16 months!

Less than $0.01 per litre 

Compare this with the cost of bottled at $1 per litre, or higher. This means that your Phoenix Gravity system paired with the Phoenix Carbon Filter cartridges will save your family up to $14,600 a year by simply drinking water filtered from the tap.


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