Phoenix Gravity Water Filter Add-On: Stainless Steel Tap

Phoenix Gravity Water Filters

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Our solid 304 grade stainless tap just takes minutes to fit.

The perfect match for the perfect filter!

An all-stainless-steel tap, drip-free, providing a premium look to your high quality Phoenix filter. 

Easy to use, with a firm, reassuring handle to open and close.


Fits like a glove with your stainless-steel gravity filter

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Made with stainless steel

All Phoenix taps are fully made from high-grade stainless steel, without any parts in brass or other metals. It is lead-free, drip-free, leak-free and plastic-free, and glue-free. Thus, every mechanism will have fluid mechanical movements and the assembled tap will have no elements to detract from the stability that will remain unaltered over time and this leaves your pour free and clear.


Quality without compromise

With Phoenix stainless steel tap, you don’t have to worry about its lifetime and quality. Our tap surfaces are resistant to corrosion and nothing adheres to them: bacteria, calcium, or detergent residue. The numerically controlled production of high-quality steel allows the creation of components which are then joined with perfect seams, made with extreme tolerance. In short, our steel taps won't leach, corrode or rust and is perfectly safe to use in your households.


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