POSTreat Water Filter and Purifier (Full Set)

Phoenix Gravity Water Filters

Stainless Steel Water Filter and Purifier with 2 POSTreat Flouride Reduction Element and Carbon Cartridges with Stainless Steel Tap and Water Bottle with Wooden Stand

POSTreat Water Filter and Purifier (Full Set)
fluoride reduction water filters
POSTreat Cartridges
carbon cartridges
wooden stand for gravity water filters
POSTreat Water Filter and Purifier (Full Set)
fluoride reduction water filters
POSTreat Cartridges
carbon cartridges
wooden stand for gravity water filters

The 100-days trial is applicable only to the Phoenix Gravity systems purchased with the stainless-steel housings, on our website. The trial is not applicable for replacement filters and accessories purchased separately.

The Phoenix Gravity System have a warranty period of 10 years and filters have 6 months.

[ We are trusted manufacturers ] :

Phoenix Water Filters is a company with decades of experience and expertise. We have been designing and manufacturing water filters for over 40 years in our own state-of-the-art factories. We’re backed by independent testing and are one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Phoenix Gravity Water Filter solutions have been developed to ensure the most people are able to access the quality of water they deserve- simple, affordable and effective.

【All-304-steel, Made to Last】:

The system uses 304-steel housings of highest quality, manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility with over 40 years of expertise, polished to near-8K mirror finish, nearly invisible weld seams - highly resistant to rust, unbreakable, lasting years! An asset that is there for you through thick and thin! The storage chamber is near 100% free from contact with plastic parts. Perfect gift for children, friends, parents, relatives, employees, anyone!!
【Powerful filters, Retains minerals:】:

The pair of Phoenix Gravity filter cartridges included are made in a 20-year old facility – the high quality coconut-shell-activated carbon from India, with other proprietary ingredients is compressed into a dense and porous block. Result: Crisp, great-tasting water, filtered in a natural way, without removing naturally occurring minerals in your tap water, vital to your health.

【High Fluoride Removal】:

The POSTreat Fluoride Removal cartridge is designed to remove >95% of fluoride from your water. Continued ingestion of artificially added fluoride can lead to long-term health issues e.g. osteoporosis. Made from 304 stainless steel and containing our own proprietary media, our unique refillable cartridge is designed to be used in conjunction with the Phoenix Gravity Water Filter Cartridges. Vital naturally occurring minerals are retained- the POSTreat DOES NOT affect TDS.

【High Quality Teak Wood that can be Used for Many Years】:

The stand can provide you with the right height to place your water filter for easier access to water. The 6.6 -inch stand height is suitable for most cups, you can put your cup directly under the Water Filter Tap and let it pick up the water by itself, no longer have to hold the cup all the time while placed on the countertop.


Our POSTreat can be used in gravity water filters to remove fluoride ions from drinking water. Gravity water filters use a combination of carbon filters, along with the POSTReat Fluoride reduction filter, to remove impurities and fluoride from water while passing through a bed of activated alumina, which adsorbs fluoride ions.

This process can remove up to 95-98% of fluoride ions from water. Because of the slow and steady water flow inside the filters. Under normal conditions it is recommended that each set of Phoenix Gravity POSTreat filters are to be replaced every 6 - 8 months for a family of four.

Removing High Level Fluoride in your Water

Fluoride is a mineral that can be found naturally in the ground, but also in some industrial wastewater.

High levels of fluoride can cause dental and skeletal fluorosis, which affect the teeth and bones. Therefore, it is important to remove fluoride from water before using it for drinking purposes.

There are different methods to remove fluoride from water, one among that is Adsorption uses materials that attract and bind fluoride ions on their surface.

Phoenix Gravity System POSTreat involves the water passing through a semipermeable membrane that filters out impurities, including fluoride ions. Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in some water sources, and it is added to many public water supplies as a health measure to help prevent tooth decay.

Reusable, Cost-effective & Perfect Compatibility

Choose our POSTReat fluoride reduction filter for your countertop water filters, which can be reused and refillable by just changing the activated alumina pouches for your clean and safe drinking water right from the tap.

Phoenix Gravity System POSTreat fluoride reduction water filters can improve the taste and quality of water and reduce exposure to fluoride with affordable costs and benefits.

Easy Installation no tools required. Phoenix Gravity POSTreat Steel fluoride reduction filter will fit into any gravity water filter cartridge which has a thread size of ¼ inch.