About Us

Established 1970

Our Story So Far

In London, a soon-to-be-father was increasingly concerned about the quality of tap water. Existing solutions were expensive, complicated, and not guaranteed to do the job. So, starting from scratch and leveraging innovative new technology, he designed and manufactured high-quality, low-waste drinking water filter ceramics in the UK.

Meanwhile in Chennai, another soon-to-be father saw an opportunity to manufacture water filters using the highest-grade stainless steel. So, he created a sustainable factory (run exclusively on solar power) to do just that. By 1985, it had become the go-to global supplier for 304 stainless steel water filter housings.

The two fathers joined forces in the early 2000s and by 2005, the partnership blossomed to provide a unique combination of high-quality water filtration and manufacturing expertise.

Years later their children, having worked in water filtration their whole lives, decided to combine this expertise with their passion for health and sustainability. Enter: Phoenix Gravity Water Filters.

The Phoenix Gravity Water Filters offer the highest-grade stainless steel gravity drinking water filtration on the market, Phoenix Gravity Water Filters are bringing better- tasting, and better-nourishing water back to 800, 000+ * homes globally (and counting!) - just as nature intended