Phoenix Water Filters Global

Adaptability Resilience Clean Drinking Water

The three most important things needed for a long, well-lived life. That’s what Phoenix Water Filter gives you.

Phoenix fits in your life

Discover Phoenix gravity water filters. Tough and efficient, these 8L stainless steel benchtop filters are made to go with the flow.

They fit anywhere, are eco-friendly, and are scientifically proven to give you the cleanest water possible.

Get one. You’ve got good taste.

Superior Performance

Phoenix gravity water filters are fitted with two 8-inch silver impregnated activated carbon filters. Filters so powerful that they remove up to 99.999% of bacteria and gives you up to 20,000 litres of incredible-tasting, fresh-smelling water.

Helps you save big

A bottle of water costs approximately $2.50. Not worth it when you can get 2 litres of filtered tap water per hour for just a few cents.*

Take Phoenix anywhere

Phoenix benchtop filters are very portable because they are lightweight.

Makes them perfect for emergencies, and they can also be set-up in minutes.

Sounds perfect for just about everything, doesn’t it?

Naturally eco-friendly

Phoenix gravity water filters are washable and reusable. They function without electricity, which also makes them sustainable.

You reduce plastic waste and energy consumption by simply choosing Phoenix. Nice way to save the planet if you ask us.

Impressive service

You get a 10-year warranty, and free, super fast delivery too.

Still skeptical? We give you a free 60-day trial to experience everything we have said so far.

What does our activated carbon filter really remove?

Viruses > 99.99%
Bacteria > 99.9999%
Parasites > 99.9999%
Metals > 99.9%
Chlorine – reduced to undetectable levels
Chemicals > 99.9%